North Wales Running Company

Company Overview

Our knowledgeable staff brings years of running, training and coaching experience to the table to properly aid you in your running and walking needs. We take pride in fitting customers of all ages and fitness levels for the best and most functional shoes with the aim of helping you achieve your goals! We also provide help picking top of the line apparel and accessories including: GPS watches, sunglasses, heart rate monitors, pedometers, orthotics, compression gear, socks, books, energy bars and gels, running strollers, and gift certificates. We carry all of the major brands and are able to order many items which are not currently stocked, so please feel free to ask or email us if you have any requests or questions. Better yet, stop by and have one of our experts fit you for shoes and test them out on our treadmill. We have the most experienced staff in the area and by far the largest selection around!


When we were doing construction on the store before opening we wanted to surprise everyone with the new look of the building, so Scott put the North Wales Running Company logo all over the window in small papers. There was a small spot left uncovered. As a joke and a hint of things to come All Kinds of Fast was born out of sliiiiiightly modifying a Daub Hardware sign advertising All Kinds of Fasteners. A North Wales Running Company logo was taped over the "ners" and it became All Kinds of Fast and went up in the window. By the end of that day, however, we adopted our little joke as our mission. The North Wales Running Company is here to serve you. We are here for all kinds of fast, from beginners to land speed record holders; from walkers, to triathletes to people in physical therapy and ultramarathoners. You are our community and we want to help all types of athletes and people. We are interested in meeting all of our customer's needs as they begin a walking regimen, a fitness program, or train for a state title. We are here for you and want to do our part to help you along with all of your endeavors! We love seeing all kinds of runners and walkers out at the races or around town rocking NWRC shirts. Send us a picture and it may end up on the website or in our next newsletter!