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04.25.2016 / by Scott

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The story behind All Kinds of Fast!

This is the story behind = ALLKINDSOFFAST!

When we were doing construction on the store before opening we wanted to surprise everyone with the new look of the building, so Scott put the North Wales Running Company logo all over the window in small papers. When the window papering was finished (He ran out of 8 1/2" x 11 papers) there was a tiny patch left uncovered. As a joke and a hint of things to come All Kinds of Fast was born out of sliiiiiightly modifying a Daub Hardware sign advertising All Kinds of Fasteners. A North Wales Running Company logo was taped over the "ners" and it became All Kinds of Fast and went up in the window. Scott thought that the North Wales Running Company would be a place where everyone was welcome, be they a walker or beginner or a state champion! It was as the store construction progressed more and more people commented on the sign in the window and how they liked it. So the first batch of promo shirts were printed with a small All Kinds of Fast on the back. They sold out immediately, so we kept it both as our mission statement and as our tagline. The North Wales Running Company is here to serve ALL kinds of fast! Thanks for letting us serve you!

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