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08.14.2017 / by ScottyT

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The New Zoom Fly from Nike! Product review and introduction

The Zoom Fly is the lightweight, every day road version of the newest performance category from Nike.  Because it is new and it is Nike, this shoe looks extremely unique.  The swoosh is bold and oversized and covers the over two-thirds of the length of the shoe.  It also features a wave pattern on the midsole which gives a hint at how the shoe performs on foot.  The Zoom Fly fits standard both length and width.  The ankle cutout is low and allows for full range of motion at high speed and the contour is done well as to not sacrifice security of the heel.  The tongue has a small groove cut into it and from what looks at first to be an aesthetic choice, but actually allows for wider range of motion for the foot and ankle.  The ankle groove is contoured low and securely to also provide for higher performance running.

On foot, The Zoom Fly feels like a track spike with a ton of cushioning.  The angling of the foams and development that went into the design of this shoe hit on all marks.  It is very fast feeling and blasts over all types of terrain very smoothly.  The shoe performs smoothly in early and late miles and ride consistency is even throughout.

This is a speed shoe for sure, and you can absolutely rip in it.  It performed well at normal up to all out pace.   It is aptly designed to do tempo paced work, hill work, and even maximum effort track work.  It performs in a similar way to a track spike but for all surfaces and it gets you up on the ball of your quickly, smoothly and with minimal effort.  Nike is truly on to something with these shoes and the casual runner can enjoy  a nice training partner with the quick snappy turnover these shoes encourage.  Runners who tend to have faster paced runs more often will enjoy this not only as a tempo or long race shoe but as an everyday trainer. 

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